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dragon0170's Journal

30 March
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Hey, my names Leo I born in New Orleans La. and was raised there till about the age of 12 moved to Harlem Ga. and stayed with my aunt. After a year or 2 of that i moved yet again with my father in Hackensack NJ. Meet a bunch of kewl people in high school there and became really good friends with them. After I "finished" High School I moved out To New Orleans La. Wanted to check out my birth place seen it done it pretty muched lived the life got bored of it, Moved back home.

Home, Well Home For me is basicly the place were my computer is :P Yea im a soo called " Computer Person , Geek, Nerd, what ever you might wanna call it "

But Best thing about me is im me :P (smirk)