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I hate people

Don't you just hate having to go online to relax and deal with stupid ignorant people, think that cause there sitting behind a computer it makes them big and tough. Some times I really think about taking a road trip to beat the fu** out of most of the people, But Then I think it will just be a waste of time ill get there he'll cry " please I was only joking didn't think you would really come down here even though I gave you my address " pft. Soo Yea other then that my Saturday Went Pretty good, Sunday another day to sit around and do nothing :) I found this computer cafe about 15 minutes from me sounds like a good place to go LAN. For those of you people who don't know me I'm a big gamer, check out the Counter-Strike Clan I'm in Evolved Give it a look sign up for the Forum post if you would like :P .... I also Designed that site if you like my work e-mail me I might be able to hook you up For a small charge . Also I made a movie of myself playing Counter-Strike Click Here To Download it :P .. Yea I think I'm gonna end it at that Night World.
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