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If you haven't noticed I restarted my journal though that I had too big a gaps between post ( 7 months lol ) I actually integrated the Journal with my website you can see it at Http://dragon.mg2.org and Click on Journal :P ... Trying to tone it to go with the site soo it might look a bit weird if your just looking at it on www.LiveJournal.com But I must say it looks pretty sexy on my website :) Funny Stuff of the day lets see well My friend Jhon Put up some naked pics of him self I do clam that pretty funny go take a look fashioncrazed leave him a comment be nice :P ... Hrm what else Going Job Hunting tom, hoping to find my self a job were I can make some good money :\ Bills Suck !! Soo Yea I should be going to bed see you soon.
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As always, I'm amazed at your HTML prowess! I'm going to have to get you to redesign mine! And as per my scandalous pictures, you know you've seen much worse from Steven "Make my own home pornos" crowley! =D
ROfl you are right my friend your picture is quite intresting soft porn isnt that bad dont mind looking at it atleast its not SHOOUTTTINGG PEENISSS at me lol