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If you haven't noticed I restarted my journal though that I had too big a gaps between post ( 7 months lol ) I actually integrated the Journal with my website you can see it at Http://dragon.mg2.org and Click on Journal :P ... Trying to tone it to go with the site soo it might look a bit weird if your just looking at it on www.LiveJournal.com But I must say it looks pretty sexy on my website :) Funny Stuff of the day lets see well My friend Jhon Put up some naked pics of him self I do clam that pretty funny go take a look fashioncrazed leave him a comment be nice :P ... Hrm what else Going Job Hunting tom, hoping to find my self a job were I can make some good money :\ Bills Suck !! Soo Yea I should be going to bed see you soon.
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